Tips on Winter Driving

Seasons of spring into summer and fall into winter all come with very different pros and cons when you have to drive in each of them. Summer driving is different than winter driving and spring weather driving is different than fall weather driving. The way you give your vehicle gas and how hard you brake will vary depending on the season and the weather you are cruising in. If it sunny and dry you can drive with leisure to where you are going. On the other hand, if it is a whiteout and the roads are icy, you better be driving with caution. The biggest season of driving preparedness comes with winter driving. Some of the things that you need to be aware of prior to getting behind the wheel in the winter time include: watching for animals who seek warmth under your hood, not letting out air in your tires, replacing your windshield wipers or cleaning them, having your battery tested, avoiding hot water to melt ice on windshield, always having your windshield fluid filled, using your defroster when your windows fog up, using your snow scraper on your window only, installing a deer whistle on your car, investing in a windshield cover, skipping the sandbags to weigh your car down, keeping your sun visor clutter free, avoiding fuel additives before discussing it with your mechanic, investing in an emergency kit, and never using high beams in the fog.

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